Love lives here

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Embrace Your Passion

Do not let your head talk you out of the joys of life. A woman's life is demanding enough, with all the responsibilities that we contend with. Find your happy place and focus your energy on that which brings you joy and you'll be surprised how that will in turn breathe life into other areas of your life.

Live Life in Song

Music is my superpower.  I uncovered my passion for music very early in life. My late mother took me for choir rehearsals from the  tender age of 7.  

Today as an accounting professional, wife,  and mother to three active boys, music remains my secret and it can be yours as well. 

Be Inspired by Everything

I find inspiration all around me. and I seek to share that inspiration through my music. My message (my music) is  of life, of hope, of faith, and above all of LOVE.


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